Vehicle Graphic Design

Succinct Vehicle Graphics Content. You never know when an encounter with your business vehicle will lead to a new customer or lead.  It could happen any time – so be ready.  There is no fixed duration of exposure for vehicle wraps and graphics. When the vehicle is parked or when traffic is backed up, audiences are given a longer time to read and digest the information on the vehicle graphic design

At other times, audiences might just be hastily passing by the vehicle graphic design paying it little attention. (Never forget, a customer’s average attention span is only eight seconds, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.)

Aside from having a vibrant and appealing vehicle graphic design, the content on the vehicle advertising influence the effectiveness of the communication. Concise and significant content allow audiences to form an instant impression of the brand at a quick glance.

Below are five essential things an impressive vehicle graphic design must include in order to raise brand awareness (both recognition and recall): 

1) Business Name

The name of your business must be stated on the vehicle.  Sometimes that name is clearly legible as part of the logo.  Occasionally, it must be displayed separately so that the name is easy to read and recall later. The business name on the vehicle graphic design is essential for audiences to identify the brand. It is that name that you want them to recall when they do their initial search for your products and services. 

According to the rule of “Effective Efficiency,” it might take audiences five encounters to finally digest the vehicle graphic design advertisement. The business name on the vehicle graphic design puts a name to the visual communication they are familiar with and ensures brand awareness. It is crucial for the brand name to be prominently showcased on the vehicle graphics making it easily noticeable for audiences.  

2) Brand Logo And Character

The brand logo and character are visual aids that facilitate audiences to remember the business’ name and specialty. Take Fast Water Heater’s van graphics as an example (as shown on the left), their logo is a “running water heater.” This vivid image precisely portraits what the water heater company specializes in and effectively promotes the brand name and efficiency of its services. With the logo and character as imagery components on the vehicle graphics, they enable audiences to effortlessly learn about the brand and reinforce their impressions towards it. 

3) Specialty

For viewers to put the brand & name in context, they need a quick idea of what types of products or services the company offers. Whether it is a product or service brand, it is necessary for vehicle graphic designs’ content to consist of visuals or texts about its offerings. The content mentioning the products or services must be clear and concise. Audiences do not have the time and willingness to read long phrases or even sentences off a vehicle they simply passed by. On the other hand, too many images or too much information can be confusing and hard to process for audiences diluting the main message. “Plumbing, heating, electrical” or “parking lot maintenance,” are great examples of succinct specialty info for vehicle graphics.

4) Accomplishment

Accomplishments can either be the accolades and achievements of the brand or what the brand can accomplish for its customers. These establish a professional and credible image that convinces audiences why they should do business with this brand. Customers are not only concerned about the type of service they get but also the quality and experience. Knowing how the brand satisfies their needs and aligns can be an important point of differentiation. 

5) Contact

Finally, you are going to want potential customers to be able to contact you. This is why it is important to leave contact information on the vehicle graphic designs, such as phone number, website, e-mail, or even a brief address if your location is memorable and convenient. By providing a quick and convenient contact method for audiences, it maximizes the chances of lead conversion. Even if audiences could not remember the contact information, the details they remember are sufficient for them to look up the business with one search away. 

High Brand Recall Achieved By Vehicle Graphics

Business name, brand logo and character, specialty, accomplishment, and contact, all five of these essential contents form impressive and memorable vehicle graphics with texts and images. The carefully selected information sets your vehicle graphics design up for success. Like a compelling photo, effective vehicle graphics capture the essence of the brand and instill that lasting impression in just a glance.