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Bathroom Tiles Tips

We all need changes at home, over the years we get bored of always seeing the same furniture, the same color on the walls, and the same plants in the same place.

We always need changes. Many people say that when you make a change at home it is because the energies have stopped flowing and have become stagnant. And the only way to let those energies flow again is by changing the furniture on one side or doing some renovation and changing rooms in your house.

The bathroom is usually one of those rooms at home that tires you out before, since it is usually a smaller space and the first room we see when we wake up.

The bathroom may be the most difficult room to renovate or choose. The question always arises as to whether to paint walls, whether to tile both walls and the floor, whether to put paper. If you put a shower or bathtub. What type of sink to choose, and a long etc.?

You may find yourself at a time in your life when you are going to buy a house and you have to decide how you want the rooms, including the bathroom.

Whatever your situation, keep reading because in today’s article we are going to give you some tips on how to choose your bathroom tiles.

bathroom tiles


Do you want to change your traditional bathroom into a landscape of colors, modern and totally new finishes?

Next, we are going to leave you some tips to make your dreams come true:


First of all, we must take into account the light that our bathroom has. If it is natural light that enters through a window or if it is artificial light.

If you are lucky enough to have a window, you will also be lucky enough to be able to freely choose the tiles you like.

But if you have a darker interior bathroom, it would be better to reinforce its luminosity with shiny tiles and light colors.


Another important question to ask yourself is, how big is my bathroom? Depending on the shape of our bathroom, some tiles or others will be better.

If we have a rather small bathroom, the best option is to opt for light colors, such as white, beige or soft gray as they will give them a feeling of spaciousness.

If the ceiling in our bathroom is low, it is better to put tiles in a vertical arrangement to make it appear higher. If, on the other hand, our bathroom has a high ceiling, place the tiles horizontally so that the room appears wider.


This is a question we often ask ourselves. ¿ What style choose for my bathroom tiles?

Actually nowadays you can choose between countless styles and finishes. A point in our favor if we are undecided as to what style to wear.

For a toilet with a rural aesthetic, you have rustic tiles and stone-effect tiles, in addition to slate or granite finishes. You can also place natural stone, which although it is usually more expensive than tiles, will make your shower a place of relaxation and tranquility that will remind you of a natural space in which you feel as if you had a private spa.

If you are looking for something cooler, you can opt for colored tiles or gloss tiles in a small format. They complement very well with the hydraulic ceramics that many models imitate.

You can also opt for porcelain or porcelain tiles, they are more expensive than the usual red body tiles, but they have higher quality and resistance. Apart from being very easy to maintain and wash.

Within the material, you should bear in mind that there are many finishes in each category with imitations such as wood, clay, marble, and many other textures.


The most comfortable and traditional thing is to tile the entire bathroom with the same tiles.

It is the basic option that gives your bathroom uniformity and does not complicate your existence. It would be the easy option.

But I believe that a bathroom can be an original space, where to risk and leave a bathroom tiles that no one has ever seen anywhere else.

To do this, it is best to combine contrasting colors and textures. For example, if we decorate the floor in a dark tone, and the ceiling is dark and high, we can combine it with light walls.

An elegant and spacious bathroom will remain.

An idea that is also great and is seen more and more is to give the shower or bath its own style, tiling its surroundings differently from the rest of the bathroom. In this way, both areas will be divided and will give it amplitude, differentiating the areas well.

Another inspiration that comes to mind is to paint the wall up to half height with waterproof paint and complete the rest of the wall with tile.

You will have a very elegant bathroom and will allow you to achieve very original combinations.


Choose the wall that you like the most and make it the protagonist of your bathroom. Place on it that tile that you like so much, with an irresistible personality and cover the other walls with other simpler tile models.

You’ll create an interesting contrast, but without detracting from the stardom of your main wall.

With all our ideas on how to choose tiles for your bathroom, we hope we have been able to inspire you and make the choice much easier.

And if you need samples to get a clearer idea on how to design your new bathroom, you can request them here.

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