Solar Panels

Australia is one of the countries with the most potential in the collection of solar panel / energy. Now, a group of scientists facilitates that it can also be stored overnight.

The world is increasingly aware of the need to start betting heavily on green energy. This is why electric vehicles are increasingly popular to the detriment of those that use fossil fuels.

As a result, solar panel are in fashion both among individuals and among Spanish companies themselves, who manage to save money on electricity bills by taking advantage of the energy from the Sun. 

However, the big problem with this technology lies in the impossibility of storing energy at night. Although, that could be about to change thanks to the invention of a group of researchers: “anti-solar panels” capable of generating energy in the dark of night.

The “anti-solar panels”

A team of researchers has published new research that could revolutionize the energy sector due to the possibility of collecting energy at night.

To achieve this they use the so-called thermoelectric power generators. These are capable of creating electrical voltage by converting temperature differences between the surface of the generator and a heat source into energy.

It should be noted that these generators already existed before, but hardly any performance was being taken from them. For that precise reason, these researchers have been working on improving its design, as well as optimizing the radiation cooling system .

In other words, such a cooling system works by using the heat accumulated during the day. When night falls, the heat that is expelled in the form of infrared light is used to continue collecting energy at night.

120 times more energy

The study explains that this technology creates 2.2 W of power per square meter , which translates into 120 times more energy than previous models. As a curiosity, such a system would not even need the use of batteries or external power supplies.

“We show that we can achieve a performance close to the thermodynamic limit established by the Carnot heat engine”, which is a theoretical thermodynamic limit on the perfect engine. “This is a significantly higher result than previous results and points to the potential applicability of harvesting electricity at night.”

The authors of the research even claim that their system could be useful also during the day by creating an overlap in the production of energy with conventional solar panels.

Although these anti-solar panels look promising, we will have to wait to find out if this technology becomes commercialized on a large scale. Who knows, perhaps one day this technology without connection to the electrical network will allow supplying the basic needs of the poorest households in the world.

Where can solar panels be installed?

These are becoming more used in sectors that seek energy consumption and want energy independence for periods of time more or less long and more or less assiduous regularity. Specifically, when we talk about it we refer to the photovoltaic power supply that with the necessary elements can operate from the electrical appliances of a home, with permanent home solar kits or weekend solar kits to only lighting a house, farmhouse, warehouse, or similar with a solar lighting kit or water pump for the usual supply of a home or for the agricultural or livestock sector. There are many uses and the results are getting better and better, These are more competitive, durable, and efficient with the passage of time and the investment of R + D + I made by manufacturers.

Although the user cannot be limited to a number of specific sectors, due to the technical characteristics of solar panels. Although the use of solar modules or solar panels, as said above, is not limited to a specific use.

Most common uses of solar panels

The self-consumption solar panel is widely used as caravans, solar panels for boats, solar panels for homes, or solar panels for pumping water.

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