Today, protective roller shutters are increasingly being installed in houses and apartments. Their advantages are obvious: they are more aesthetically pleasing than steel gratings, roller shutters better protect against burglary, and in addition, provide heat and sound insulation, protect from adverse weather influences and the sun. How to choose roller shutters so that they serve for many years and cope with their functions, we will describe below.

  1. Material. The most reliable are steel and aluminum roller shutters. Wooden and plastic perform only a decorative function and protect from the sun, and it will be a matter of minutes for a specialist to crack them.
  2. The thickness of the tape. When answering the question of how to choose, experts always pay attention to the thickness of the aluminum or steel strip from which the profiles are made. The thicker it is, the more rigid and resistant to stress the canvas will be. It is desirable that this figure is more than 0.28 mm.
  3. Filler. Rigid profiles without filler, reinforced with additional stiffeners, are a good option for protection against theft. But if you choose for your home, pay attention to the models with foam filler: they will not be too inferior to those reinforced in anti-burglary characteristics, but they will provide better heat and sound insulation.
  4. The quality of the paintwork. It is important that it is abrasion, scratch, UV, and corrosion-resistant. It is desirable to apply several layers of paintwork, as well as primer and conversion coatings.
  5. Control type. When choosing for windows, consider options with both manual and automatic drives: it will not be difficult to manually lift a canvas that is small in size. But roller shutters installed in doorways or showcases will have to be equipped with automation for safe and convenient use.
  6. Installation method. If you are installing at the stage of construction or reconstruction of a building, choose the built-in installation method. In this case, the protective box will be placed in a niche in the wall. This will provide him with better protection, and in addition, roller shutters will look more aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, with outdoor installation, you will not have to tear down the wall and spoil the finish, and the installation of protective structures will be cheaper.
  7. Anti-burglary properties. To determine how well the roller shutters protect against burglary, an index is used – from P2 to P5. For example, the P3 class has a tire thickness of 2.2 mm, while the P5 class has 5 mm. It is impossible to break the anti-burglar quickly and silently.
  8. Wind protection. The wider the opening on which installed, the more important it is to select reliable structures that can withstand wind pressure. On the territory of our country, the wind speed can reach 25-26 m / s, which corresponds to the 4-5 class of wind resistance according to the international classification EN 13659.
  9. Lattices or shutters? Completely cover the opening, preventing the penetration of light and prying eyes. Grilles are a more aesthetic option that is suitable for shops, underground parking lots, car dealerships, allowing potential buyers to see the premises. Please note that the grilles are still inferior in anti-burglary characteristics.

Safety shutters – also the right choice

The very first question that a private entrepreneur asks himself is how to protect his goods and store from theft. And in this matter, they always stop at the purchase of protective roller shutters.

Roller shutters consist of a type-setting “sheet” of aluminum lamellas, which are rolled onto a shaft in a decorated box. Today they are a must for every entrepreneur! It is noteworthy that can serve as protection not only for front doors or shop windows. Very often, roller shutters are installed to protect the premises in which the company’s documents are stored or paper that may constitute a trade secret.

Protective shutters are a must-have accessory for modern buildings and business centers. Due to the fact that there is a wide range of choices on the market, it is possible to select roller shutters individually, so that they are in harmony with any architectural style.

Many people are mistaken in the opinion that roller shutters will cover the assortment offered in the window, this is not the case. Roller shutters with perforated gaps absolutely do not interfere with the main function of showcases, such as advertising and demonstration of the presented goods. And do not be confused by such roller shutters, it is impossible to crack them!

It should be noted with continuous lamellas increase the level of thermal insulation. The use of such reduces energy consumption by 25%, preventing cold air from entering the room and keeping warm inside. For entrepreneurs, this also means savings in space heating costs.

When choosing roller shutters, do not forget that they can also serve as a decorative element. With the right selection, organically fit into the design of the building, refreshing it and adding a certain sophistication. It is important to know that can be installed both at the initial stage of construction and on work sites.

Today, protective roller shutters are safety, durability, cost-effectiveness and an integral element of decor!

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