Anxiety about family and loved ones are familiar to everyone and a completely natural feeling. However, excessive anxiety can interfere with work and development. However, it is very difficult to be calm when we see stories about the disappearance of children, rape, and robbery in the news every day. Is there a way to keep your loved ones safe and not feel overly anxious? An expert of security says.

The main anxiety about our loved ones arises when we do not know where they are. Therefore, you should first make sure that their devices transmit location information to you. This can be configured through Google Now. However, for children and elderly relatives security who use smartphones and the Internet less often, the best way to track your location is a personal GPS tracker.

More and more often we see people of all ages, including children, with fitness bracelets and other smart devices. However, GPS trackers have not yet gained the same popularity, which not only alleviates some of our daily worries but can even save lives.

The personal GPS tracker for security is a small device that allows you to see the location of your loved ones even if there is no connection, the phone is down or you are abroad. While tracking a person’s location via Google Maps works intermittently and only with the Internet turned on (and special permission), the GPS tracker works in all conditions. Thanks to the built-in international SIM card for security, the device works from anywhere in the world, and you can track your location from a mobile application. In addition, it is equipped with an “SOS” button, which allows you to immediately transmit a signal in case of danger to you and the rapid response team of the security company.

It is worth understanding which of our loved ones is really worth worrying about in the first place. Since I am also a father, I understand that the main object of anxiety is children.

What situations with children worry about their security?

  1. A child on the playground. If you are walking with your baby, for security choose areas that do not have a roadway and where there are no stray dogs – they can be a potential threat. Also, make sure that the site has the right soft surface because bruises and stretch marks often occur due to falls on the site. If your child is playing on his own and you can move away from him, make sure that he does not go beyond the safe area. This can be checked by setting a safe zone on the GPS tracker, when you leave it will automatically turn on the alarm.
  2. Mass events. In the era of the epidemic, mass events have become much smaller, but it should be understood that any crowd (even a concert) is very risky for everyone, especially a child. In addition to being “trampled” in a crowd, a child can be easily lost. Here the GPS-tracker will help to find the child even in a very dense crowd, after all, the accuracy of definition reaches centimeters. 
  3. School. Surprisingly for security, although a child in school and kindergarten is under adult supervision, it is there that bullying most often occurs – “bullying” from peers or older children, which can lead to moral and physical trauma. The best protection against bullying will be a trusting relationship in the family when the child talks about any trouble, even the smallest. In this case, you can complain to the teacher or parents of the attacker at the first sign of threat, and if necessary, timely transfer the child to another school.
surveillance camera attached on a brick wall building

The second risk group to worry about is older relatives. In old age, mental illnesses often occur, leading to memory and orientation loss. Older people can just walk out of the house to the store and forget the way home. Here, of course, the best solution is a GPS tracker. Even if your grandfather forgets what it is and how to use it, you can still always find it and bring it home.

The tracker can also be bought for young girls and women, especially if they often return home alone and are afraid for their safety. After all, in addition to simple tracking, the device can also send an alarm, which will come to the rapid response team (GBR) of the security company. 

IIts peculiarity is that the GBR will arrive at any point in up to 8 minutes and will be able not only to neutralize the dangerous situation (detain the robber or rapist) but also to accompany the client to a safe place. So far, this is the best solution for those who are worried in the evenings with anxious thoughts “Where is she?”.

Who else should think about a tracker or personal sheriff:

– teenagers who move around the city themselves

– representatives of professions that sometimes receive threats (journalists, politicians, lawyers)

– famous public figures

– young people who hitchhike.

May all be well with your loved ones and you. Live without worries!