plantation shutters

Is installing plantation shutter useful?

Some people looking to improve home security believe that plantation shutters can reduce the chances of your home being broken into. There is an element of truth in all of this. We discuss here the implications of wood and aluminum shutters for security.

Lockable plantation security shutters

One way to achieve the classic look of plantation shutters with an increased level of security is to install aluminum security plantation shutters. They are almost identical to wood plantation shutters, but they have keyed locks that operate locks at the top and bottom of the shutters. Not only does an intrusion-resistant powder coating prevent the shutters from being lifted from their frame.

Aluminum security shutters are available as bypass shutters, folding shutters, and hinged shutters. They are extremely popular, where the level of crime is high. These shutters allow windows to be opened without compromising security levels.

Aluminum plantation shutters in the kitchen

If you want both high security and a designer look, aluminum security shutters are a great solution. They can also be a more suitable and attractive high-security alternative to roller shutters or grilles in a commercial environment. They can look really striking in a store window.

How Can Plantation Shutters Improve Home Security?

Private life

As well as being very attractive, especially in a period property, plantation shutters can provide a level of privacy that you might not get with Venetian blinds or roller shutters. The fact that the top and bottom of the plantation shades can be left open or closed independently of each other provides more flexibility when it comes to letting in light and keeping prying eyes out! Many people keep the lower part closed or partially closed and the upper part open. This means that potential intruders do not have as good a view of the valuables on the property.


Solid window shutters will be more difficult for an intruder to clear than a blind. Plantation shutters can therefore be a deterrent. It often happens that a burglar chooses the easiest access option!

You will learn about the security benefits of wood plantation shutters. But what level of security do they offer?

Some shutter manufacturers offer to leave windows and doors open with the added security of wood plantation shutters. Yes, wooden shutters can provide an element of privacy and security. However, as a locksmith company, we do not recommend leaving windows or doors open with only wooden shutters as protection.

Can a burglar get through plantation shutters?

Where there is a will, there is a way! If an intruder is determined to gain access to a property because they have a fixed target in mind, interior window wood shutters won’t stop them! There are ways around most things with the right tools and you would be surprised at how willing burglars are to go all the way to gain property. If you live in an area with high crime rates or if your home contains high-value items, it is important to strengthen your security measures and avoid taking risks and having to deal with a possible burglary!

Plantation shutter installation by a professional locksmith

Our locksmiths come to your home, whether it is for a change of lock, shielding, or the installation of rolling shutters. Eh yes! Our goal is to provide you with quality service so that you can be safe and secure! So, if you need a study and a free estimate without obligation, call our locksmith craftsman.

Plantation blinds can be purchased and installed in two main configurations in relation to the window frame: interior mounting within the window frame and exterior mounting on the outside or outside and over the window frame. With an interior mounting application, make sure the louver bar can rest flush and level within the top of the opening

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