partial renovation

If when you examine your roof you notice any displaced, broken, or missing tiles, it is in need of repair. Take action without delay before water infiltration damages the interior of your home. But rest assured, there is no need to change your entire roof. A partial renovation is sufficient if the problem is caught on time.

Partial or total renovation of a roof

Partial renovation is possible when the roof is not too degraded. It only concerns the roof (tiles, slates, steel tray) without touching the frame. It is enough to replace the broken or damaged elements. It is the roofer who will establish the estimate for the workers who will be able to advise you. Hence the importance of choosing your roofer well …

The cost of this work is much less than the price of the total renovation of a roof with removal and installation of the entire roofing or even with a resumption of the framework. However, you will not be able to claim any financial assistance.

Partial renovation of a roof: The different types of roof repair work

The partial renovation of a roof can require different types of work:

  • The replacement of damaged or broken tiles .
  • Repair or change of gutter and / or gutter elements .
  • Resumption of waterproofing around the chimney or roof windows.
  • The restoration of the roof with cleaning and defoaming. 

Hire a roofer to repair your roof. Getting on a roof cannot be improvised and is not without risk. A professional has all the safety equipment to operate safely on your roof.

Partial renovation of a roof: replacing some tiles

Localized leaks are a sign that tiles are loose, cracked or broken. In some cases this can even be seen by examining the roof. They must be replaced or replaced quickly.

The replacement of the tiles is done identically. This is why, during the first covering of a roof, it is always interesting to keep a few tiles in reserve, just in case… or at least to keep the references of the tiles in order to be able to find them easily.

Partial renovation of a roof: repair of gutters and gutters

The renovation of a roof is not limited to tiles. It also includes the examination of gutters and gutters. They have the important task of evacuating rainwater. Poorly maintained or drilled, they are a significant source of humidity for the house.

Partial renovation of a roof: waterproofing around sensitive points

The sensitive points of a roof are all the places where the continuity of the tiled roofing is interrupted: around dormers, seated dogs or roof windows, around the chimney, in the hollow of the valley (the junction between two roof plans). At the first sign of a sealing problem, they should be renovated.

Partial renovation of a roof: cleaning and defoaming

Roofing materials are expected to last for decades. However, regular maintenance of the roof will optimize its longevity. Over the seasons, mosses, lichens, algae and fungi settle on and between the tiles retaining moisture. In addition, the micro-roots of these undesirable embedded in the tiles.

But be careful, cleaning, whether mechanical or chemical, must be carried out gently so as not to damage the roofing and must be adapted to the different types of tiles (clay tiles, concrete tiles, natural or artificial slates ). After defoaming, the application of a water repellent makes the roof more waterproof and self-cleaning.

Good to know: Renovating an identical roof can become complicated when the roof is old. If your tile model is no longer manufactured, the roofer will help you find an equivalent model. You can also contact a material collector. But you will pay for old tiles at the price of new tiles!

Partial or total repair of damaged roofs

The renovation of the roof may resolve the problem without big spending. Partial roof repair involves identifying damaged areas of the roof, making the necessary repairs and applying water-repellent treatments to protect the roof. If the roof is in very poor condition, or if you wish to change its visual appearance.

This operation is also necessary if the repair is no longer sufficient to resolve recurring problems, or if the roof is already too old.