Opening a moving company is a profitable business opportunity that should not be underestimated, which affects a sector that is not yet saturated with companies and therefore offers an attractive pool of customers to conquer.

Those who decide to open a moving company take care in particular of the management of the movement of all the customer’s objects from one property to another, through a safe and reliable transport service. To get the best of the transport market it is essential to offer an excellent value for money and offer advantageous and competitive services to the customer.

The future entrepreneur must follow step by step all the phases of the bureaucratic process of opening the commercial activity, paying attention to satisfy the necessary requirements required by law, and presenting a detailed and well-kept business plan, which takes into account the start-up costs and business management.

Opening a moving company: bureaucratic process and requirements

The bureaucratic process to follow to open a moving company is not very different from that of other commercial activities. Among the indispensable requirements, it is necessary not to have been convicted, to be of legal age, and to have an initial capital to invest. In case of lack of this sum in money, it is possible to apply for a loan or apply for a non-repayable loan.

The first step to open a moving company is to open the VAT number at the Revenue Agency and set up a company to be registered in the Business Register of the local Chamber of Commerce. Also in order, it is, therefore, necessary to obtain the (certified notification of the start of activities) and proceed with the start of the same.

Having chosen a registered office for the warehouse or office, it is necessary to obtain all the necessary authorizations and purchase the machinery and equipment useful for the work to be carried out.

The costs of opening a moving company

The initial investment will therefore concern the purchase of all means of transport and the fitting out of the workplace, including any restructuring of the commercial space.

In addition to the initial costs, there are also other costs to be taken into consideration. Periodically, in fact, the owner of the moving company will have to pay the various utilities, taxes, the rent of the room, the insurance of the means of transport, and the cost of fuel.

In addition, another aspect not to be overlooked is the payment of wages of employees, qualified and professionally trained personnel. Finally, it is also useful to keep in mind the possibility of investing a sum of money in an advertising campaign, to make people aware of the opening of the new business and the services that the company offers, using all the various promotion channels for this purpose.

Free Consultation

When you decide to open a business you need to follow some important precautions to avoid making mistakes. Therefore, those who decide to open a moving company can contact an expert to ask for advice and be guided during the bureaucratic process of starting the business.

The removalists team makes itself available to future entrepreneurs to offer free business consultancy to satisfy every customer request, supporting them during the implementation phase of the business plan and start-up of the company, evaluating the expenses to be faced and any unexpected events.

A staff made up of experts in the business consultancy sector is ready to help the user even in case of need to request a loan or a non -repayable loan, making their skills and experiences available to them, to create a successful business with a large profit margin.

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