One of the main problems faced by motorcyclists around the world is discomfort due to headwinds. At first glance, it may seem that an unpleasant sensation occurs only in the eye area, but this is far from the case.

Often, manufacturers do not provide a basic model of a windshield for motorcyclists, but they offer to purchase it as additional equipment. There is no reason to overpay for such things because you can always buy at more attractive prices.

Why do you need a windshield?

Many newcomers to the world of motorcycles are sincerely surprised why a windshield is needed on a motorcyclists because they almost always wear goggles. Of course, vision is reliably protected, but a large number of other exposed parts of the body remain.

In this regard, the risk of getting large and minor injuries increases, for example:

  • the skin of the neck and hands is chapped during long trips;
  • you can get injured by stones and shrapnel flying out from underdriving cars;
  • clothing flutters in the wind, which creates additional discomfort.

Often, those who have tried a ride with such protection for the first time understand that they need to buy a windshield for a motorcycle as soon as possible, as this gives additional comfort during the trip.

Another rather urgent problem is the decrease in the aerodynamic properties of the motorcycle. Due to the vortices that occur around the surface of the motorcycle, the maximum speed is significantly reduced and the average fuel consumption rises.

Such changes are especially noticeable at higher speeds – over 100 km / h. In the event that you operate the moped at a lower speed, then you are unlikely to encounter a similar problem, however, the discomfort during the trip will persist.

Used materials for the windshield

Until a few years ago, the search for suitable protection was a serious problem, since the choice of models was extremely limited. Fortunately, today you can buy a windshield for a motorcyclists without any problems – the range of products from specialized suppliers is very large.

Most often in stores you can find wind protection, which is made from:

  • plastic and its impurities;
  • fiberglass;
  • triplex glass.

Plastic windshield glass for a motorcyclists is not the best choice, since its strength is very low in comparison with analogues. The main problem stems from the fact that when hitting stones, such plastic can easily fly apart and cause cuts and injuries. Of course, many motorcyclists prefer to buy a windshield for motorcycle made of plastic, since it is the cheapest.

Fiberglass is the most common option, which is of high quality and long service life. As practice shows, it does not even need to be changed or serviced in any way – rather, you will replace the motorcycle with the glass.

The triplex glass is most commonly used on high-end and premium models, as this material is used in cars. It is unlikely that you want to buy a windshield for motorcyclists from triplex since it will cost as much as the entire motorcycle as a whole.

Windshield installation process

As mentioned earlier, it does not pose any problems or difficulties to buy a windshield for motorcyclists, since the choice is really huge. Nevertheless, it is the installation process that scares many, since:

  • there may be no connectors for mounting on the case;
  • additional equipment may be required;
  • there is a risk of damage to the windshield during installation.

All these misconceptions seriously scare potential buyers, but you should not be afraid of this. Today, all windshields are designed to fit certain brands and models. This point should be checked with a consultant before ordering – he will recommend the best option.

The kit includes special mounts that can be easily installed on the case. All manufacturers attach clear graphic instructions that absolutely everyone can understand.

There is no reason to be afraid to buy a windshield for motorcyclists, as all this is a common task. There is no need to overpay special workshops that promise to complete all the work – you can do everything yourself!

Remember that consultants may offer several options, which will differ in the type of fastening. It is recommended to choose those models that do not require drilling the body, but they can be somewhat more expensive.

Huge assortment for everyone!

There is a misconception among motorcyclists that any additional element changes the appearance, so they prefer not to install equipment. Of course, before the choice was extremely limited, so additional elements might not be suitable for:

  • color;
  • sizes;
  • weight, etc.

Fortunately, these times are long gone, so you can easily buy a windshield for motorcyclists that will fully meet the requirements.

So, for example, in every online store, you can find filtering by color, material, size, weight, and manufacturer. Thanks to such settings, it is possible to save personal time. Delivery from Australian online stores takes no more than 5 days, so you don’t have to wait long for what you want.

As you can understand, today there are no obstacles to purchasing a high-quality windshield for a motorcycle. Be sure that such a purchase will not ruin you, but will only give you additional comfort.

How to improve the comfort of every trip

Major manufacturers of motorcycle accessories offer a wide range of products that are extremely popular with extreme riders.

So, for example, every motorcyclist should consider buying:

  • additional protection for hands;
  • wings for scooters of any form factor;
  • spoilers on the trunk of the scooter.

Each of the listed elements is not only an additional accessory that makes a motorcycle or moped visually attractive, but also has its own functional significance.

Remember that safety should come first for motorcycle enthusiasts, so it is recommended to periodically assess the technical condition of the vehicle. If necessary, current repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.

Manufacturer selection issues

Most often, specialized stores offer products from Chinese manufacturers, but Australia has its own production of windshields and accessories.

The quality of the products is comparable, however, Australian goods are more favorable in price, as they save costs for:

  • logistics of goods;
  • customs fees and taxes;
  • resellers’ markups.

In general, the buyer himself has the right to choose exactly the option that suits him the most, but he should take a closer look at the Australian equipment for motorcycles.

Think about whether you really need a windshield for your motorcycle, and if necessary, order it today for comfort and convenience during high-speed trips!

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