It is very important for motorcyclists to wear protective clothing necessary for safe driving. Personal protective equipment for motorcyclists includes motorcycle helmets, gloves, jackets and pants, boots, goggles, and colors.

The most notable among them is a motorcycle helmet. Never wear a crazy motorcycle helmet, it should never pass. The absence of a helmet increases the risk of serious or even fatal injuries in the event of a vehicle accident. At this point, it is very important to use a helmet that has passed rigorous safety tests. Every motorcycle helmet offered to consumers must have such a document.

Considering the average coefficient of friction for the road surface, it is estimated that if the speed of the motorcycle exceeds 20 km per hour, due to friction when falling 1 mm of skin is broken by about 1 km speed. If the engine speed is higher, this decay effect will be greater. The hands are extremely fragile and fleshy. A suitable glove protects the hands from both shocks and wear.

Jackets and pants for motorcycles also play an important role in reducing the consequences of injuries in the event of an accident. Jackets with a waterproof lining and additional overlays called bulletproof vests and pants, made of thicker materials with a lining or knitting, provide the driver with high protection.

As in humans, the legs are fragile and easily injured. For this reason, motorcycle boots provide strong support and protect the ankles and feet in the event of a severe impact.

Motorcycle goggles protect the eyes from serious eye damage while driving, preventing insects, dirt, dust, and debris from getting on the roads to the rider’s eyes. If the helmet does not completely protect the eyes, it is necessary to use motorcycles.

Finally, the colors of the rider mean wearing clothes that will make the driver visible. Whether bright colors or reflective stripes are built into the protective equipment, it is important for the motorcycle user to notice other riders.

The main tests of the motorcyclist’s equipment carried out by our organization include:

  • Rear treads, shock absorbers (EN 1621-2)
  • Gloves, impact-resistant (EN 13594)
  • Protectors of joints of legs, weakening of blows (EN 1621-1)
  • Protection of shoes, ankles, and shins against impact energy (EN 13634)
  • They will wear (EN 17092)
  • Helmets (UNECE Regulation 22.05)

The best touring motorcycle for a beginner


Touring motorcycle models were able to combine the brutality of a bike and the comfort of a car. Such an “iron horse” is able to easily overcome great distances. In this case, everything you need should be at hand for a motorcyclist.

The models presented in this segment can be divided into 3 categories. Let’s talk about them further.

Luxury tourer

Many are convinced that this is the best touring motorcycle, as it features maximum comfort, reliable wind protection, and the presence of additional equipment (navigation system, anti-lock wheels, heated steering wheel, roomy luggage trunks, and much more). And in terms of its parameters, it will give odds to many cars.

For the city, such a bike will be useless, since it will not be able to prove itself in all its glory, but it will have no equal on the track. But he also has a drawback – a high price.

Among the best luxury tourers, there are models:

  • BMW К 1200 LT;

Tour enduro

These are off-road models that are suitable for green tourism. Thanks to its unique combination of comfort with speed and increased cross-country ability, this option rightfully bears the title – the best touring motorcycle for a beginner. 

The advantages of the tour enduro are:

  • good cross-country ability;
  • comfortable fit;
  • maneuverability and responsive handling, which allows them to move easily even on city streets during rush hour.

Worthy representatives of this class are:

  • Benelli TRK 502X ABS Off-Road ;
  • VOGE 300DS (LONCIN LX300-6D DS6) ;

Sports Tourists

This is a kind of hybrid of sports, touring motorcycle and a cruiser. It is distinguished by its heavyweight, wheel diameter, comfortable seats, and a powerful engine capable of speeds up to 200 km / h. It is problematic to drive hundreds of kilometers in a day, but fast driving over short distances has no equal. Perfectly adapted for city driving.

The best models of touring motorcycles in this class:

  • Honda CBR1100 Super Blackbird;
  • BMW F800GT.


It is difficult to name the ideal option, since it will be different for everyone, depending on the needs. You should focus on personal preference, driving skills, suggested routes, and budget.