What are the advantages of a locksmith service?

Locksmith, many problems can interfere with the proper functioning of the locks in a home, starting with the natural wear and tear of the mechanisms. A worn lock can break if used carelessly. Other situations may require the intervention of an emergency locksmith. This is particularly the case of a slammed door opening only on one side, forcing the occupant of the premises to remain blocked outside their home. A broken key inside the mechanisms can also prevent you from entering your home. In winter, temperatures can cause certain devices to freeze, making it even impossible to insert a single key (especially in the case of car doors or garden gates).

Burglaries are also involved, since thieves breaking into a home use sometimes brutal procedures, which inflict severe damage to the mechanisms. The locks are forced, pierced, torn off, driven in… After the passage of the burglars, it is important to proceed urgently with a replacement of all the locking devices with a locksmith so that the occupant can feel safe again at home.

In addition, recent years have seen the development of the smart home, the smart home, with the rise of home automation. In this context, connected devices are gradually developing. It may be wise to opt for this type of electronic opening and closing mechanism and have it installed by a competent person.

As such, we can cite the armored door, designed to stop the advance of any burglars in your home. However, it is generally considered that the longer the time spent forcing entry into a house, the greater the deterrent effect and the greater the risk for the thief.

In the same vein, installing multipoint models also helps to increase the security of access to your home. These mechanisms have at least three locking points called bolts and can have up to a dozen. The higher this number, the better the security offered by the locking mechanism.

About the locksmith

There are several types of locks. The previously mentioned “multipoint” is distinguished from “single points” according to the number of bolts present in the mechanism. As its name suggests, the single-point model has only one bolt, offering basic security.

The bolts themselves have several variations: a distinction is thus made between the deadbolt which is actuated by a key, and the latch bolt, the operation of which requires the presence of a spring. Other locksmith devices incorporate the composition of mechanisms, such as the cylinder. The type of cylinder used offers specific protection according to its design mode: there are thus anti-breakage, anti-drilling, or even anti-picking cylinders.

Besides the security dimension offered by the various existing locks, there are two different types of installation. Locksmith’s wall-mounted installation is undoubtedly the easiest to achieve, but also the least aesthetic and the least reassuring. Directly placed on the leaf, a lock installed via this installation method is visible. It is therefore possible for an ill-intentioned individual to have direct access to the housing and to try to tear it off more easily (steel does not withstand all the forces and pressures exerted on it). Note that sometimes, the thickness of the doors offers no other solution than the surface installation.

Conversely, recessed installation is presented as a safer option, but also more aesthetic. As its name suggests, this method involves embedding the mechanism in the core of the door, that is, the space between the two sides of the door. Relatively discreet and therefore more pleasing to the eye, it is also less easy to access.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation due to a problem with the lock, you have the option of trying to unlock the mechanisms on your own. In the case of a slammed door, using a radio foil in the gap between the leaf and its frame can allow you to retract the bolt into its housing and open it.

Another example, this time in the case of a frozen device: avoid using hot water, since this could in turn freeze. You can, however, use methylated spirits, or a de-icing liquid specifically designed for this type of situation. However, it is not always easy to carry an x-ray or methylated spirits, especially if you find yourself locked out. 

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