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Garage doors are not only an access element and an aesthetic component on the facade of our house, they are also often the first access to the home and a very important element of security in any home.

On the market we can find several garage door systems and automation for residential or community use, with a hinged or hinged system, as well as up-and-over doors or automatic sliding doors. In addition, there are also other types of enclosures such as blinds for shops or shop windows or automatic barriers for use in parking lots or restricted access areas.

How to get the automatic door open without light?

The common thing about all these doors is that they have a mechanical system that is in charge of opening and closing the door. Even most automatic garage doors incorporate remote controls to increase operating comfort.

But now comes the problem, all these mechanisms depend for their operation on a motor and gears fed by electric current.

So what can we do when the power goes out?

  • The automatic garage doors have systems that allow us to open the gate in case there is a power outage or if the drive motor has failed to occur.
  • A power outage is difficult to foresee and there is little we can do to prevent it from occurring as long as the electrical installation is in good condition and has passed regulatory reviews. However, a mechanical breakdown can be avoided with correct maintenance of the motor and the rest of the elements that make up the door, you want to know more about the maintenance of garage doors, read here.
  • In the event of a breakdown or power outage, do not despair, the doors, whether private or community, have systems to open them in these cases.
  • Most garage doors have a cable or a chain connected to the mechanism at the top that when pulling it releases the gears of the door and allows us to open or close the door by pushing on it.
  • The failure can also occur in a swing door with arm. If the door does not have a manual opening system, the upper drive nuts must be loosened and the chain gear system must be released. So we can easily open the door.
  • If the problem is a slide, it will carry a mechanism next to the motor that can be operated by means of a key or pin that allows the drive mechanism to be released. Of course, be careful if we leave the key in place and it can be accessed from the outside.
  • Despite these tips, it is necessary to have hired a technical service that performs preventive maintenance on the automatic door in order to avoid any type of incidents and that in case of emergency or breakdown they can give a quick response to our needs and that incorporates a service of 24-hour repair, so that if necessary they can also open the door for us in case of need.

In view of the continuous questions and different cases that arise depending on the type of automatic garage door, we are going to update the post to solve some doubts and what is better to know in which case the problem can be solved when the power goes out and how we can solve the problem. trouble.

garage door

Sliding garage doors

This type of garage door has the motor on the inside of the door, so in case we run out of light, or we have a manual pedestrian door or we must skip the door and remove the motor unlock.

Sectional doors

In this case, several situations can occur:

Sectional door with pedestrian crossing.

We access through the pedestrian door and manually open the sectional by unlocking the motor from the inside

Yes, pedestrian door with access to the garage from the inside

If the interior of the garage can be accessed through another door, the way is to access and unlock the motor, lifting the door manually.

Sectional door without light, without wicket door, and without access from the inside

This is the most extreme case, and in which if we have not installed a manual emergency mechanism we will have to literally break a panel in order to access the interior.

garage door

If you do not have this mechanism and you do not have a pedestrian door or access to the interior of the garage, it is best to install this manual release as soon as possible in order to avoid more serious problems.

Swing gates

These doors are usually unlocked from the inside, if we cannot access the inside of them we also have a problem, so we should be able to unlock from the outside by means of the unlocking system. For more information, contact Garage Doors 4u today!

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