Furniture movers

Furniture Movers pick up your furniture from a store, apartment, house, or office and deliver it to the right place. If necessary, they will take an old sofa, armchair, cabinet, or refrigerator to the dacha. 

In a clean and serviceable vehicle. All vans are clean and equipped with load securing straps and brackets. You can choose the most possible suitable options:

  • Gazelle Next,
  • Hyundai Porter,
  • Fiat Doblo,
  • Peugeot Partner,
  • Elongated Gazelle,
  • Mercedes Sprinter,
  • Mercedes with a tail lift.

Furniture movers can transport a tall cabinet or upright refrigerator, order a Mercedes with a tail lift. A furniture booth with a height of 240-260 cm allows for the most careful transportation of cargo.

Furniture movers can transport small-sized goods – washing machine, TV, chest of drawers or stove – order a “heel”. Fiat Doblo or Peugeot Partner will do an excellent job.

Furniture movers in cooperation options

  • You disassemble and assemble the furniture yourself – they perform only the functions of a carrier: they arrive at the specified time, load furniture from an apartment or office and deliver it to a new address.
  • Furniture movers carry out complex work – they are engaged in disassembling furniture before loading and assembling it upon arrival. They take the necessary tools with us to the site – no one will ask you to bring a screwdriver.
  • Transportation without packing materials – they just load a sofa, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a curbstone into a furniture van.
  • You buy packaging yourself – you buy materials in advance, and they help you pack. Assortment: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, vacuum bags, etc.
  • Furniture movers bring everything for packing things  – bags, protective linings, corrugated cardboard, paper, covers. In the process of preliminary consultation, they will determine what materials are needed for the move.

Furniture movers transportation and delivery costs

The cost of furniture transportation is influenced by:

  • The need to disassemble or assemble furniture
  • The need for packaging for transportation
  • Loading and unloading conditions
  • Distance

The minimum cost of the furniture transportation service is 1,500 dollars.

Furniture delivery is carried out of the store. The furniture is already packed and disassembled. Therefore, delivery of furniture is an inexpensive service. Delivery cost is influenced by:

  • Number and weight of furniture
  • Distance

The minimum cost of furniture delivery service: 800 dollars.

The manager will calculate the exact cost .

Furniture movers quality and assurance


Furniture movers transport apartments and offices every day. Experienced employees are able to disassemble and assemble furniture from most manufacturers:

  • Ikea
  • Stolplite
  • Hoff
  • Stylish kitchens
  • March 8
  • other

Therefore, they will transport or deliver furniture quickly and accurately. They will collect and put it in the right place.

The main guarantee is their reputation. This is evidenced by customer reviews.

Furniture movers payment scheme and options

Individuals pay by cash or bank cards at the end of the service.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs pay by the non-cash method. In this case, an advance payment of 50% is required. Payment is possible with or without VAT.

Paying less and getting more is a natural necessity. They are not disingenuous when they promise that the transportation of furniture with movers will be inexpensive for everyone who moves. It’s easy to check. Need to:

● call the manager;
● describe the approximate scope of work so that we can calculate the cost;
● compare the final figure with competitors.

The cost of transporting furniture is prescribed in the contract and does not change along the way. In this respect, they are loyal.

Furniture movers are inexpensive – what’s included?

Well-coordinated teamwork reduces disruptions in the process to zero. The driver, movers, logisticians work together. Before arriving, we draw up a route map. They take into account the forecast of traffic jams, weather, analyze access, and bypass roads.

Furniture movers are full-time wide-profile specialists, working with antique, heavy, folding furniture. In practice, moving furniture looks like this:

● they arrive at the address (day or night);
● disassemble also and pack furniture;
● carefully load into the car and fix with belts;
● they transport to a new location;
● collect, arrange.

They do not leave traces of packaging material and debris.

If you need to transport furniture with loaders with non-standard work, they send an appraiser to the place. The master will inspect the room, openings, furniture. This will help us plan the transportation.