fencing 3

Fencing the territory against unauthorized entry, you must install a fence. But sometimes the area is very large, and making a capital fence becomes a costly affair. Moreover, a beautiful fence will not always be a serious obstacle in the way of intruders.

If desired, intruders will climb over it. Or, there is no need for beauty at all, but you only need to create a difficult obstacle. For example, in industrial or agricultural areas, it is only required to provide protection from entering the protected facility. A barbed wire fencing is a good option in this case.

Design features, application

A thin ribbon (metal thread) with spikes along its entire length – this is the design of barbed wire. Simple and unpretentious. But very effective!

The barbed wire fence was reliable, had high protective properties at a fairly low price. This interested many farmers. There was a “wild demand” for such a fence.

The first company that seriously took up the sale of “thorns” was able to sell them 270 tons!

A lot of time has passed since then. Spiked fencing is still in demand and is used to protect:

  • Private property (territory);
  • Military bases;
  • Special sports grounds;
  • Strategically important objects;
  • Enterprises;
  • Construction projects;
  • Areas where special dog training takes place;
  • Various prisoner colonies;
  • Various private pastures.

Installation methods

Installation of barbed wire is carried out in various ways:

  • On top of an already installed fence. The main fence can be made of any material: brick, wood, metal sheets, concrete slabs. The wire at the top creates an additional barrier in the way of border trespassers. Today, the fidget is more often installed. The thorn is attached to brackets of various options.
  • On the roof or around the roof. The wire is attached either to brackets or to additional metal strings.
  • A continuous protective sheet is created. The barbed wire is attached between adjacent posts. The poles are made from different materials, most often from metal or wood. The fencing is made flat or voluminous. Such a wire fencing is not inferior in its functionality to any other fencing.

Despite the fact that the installation of barbed wire can be done independently, this work requires the utmost care and attention, otherwise you can get serious damage. Mounting pliers and sturdy leather or canvas clothing are required to install the fence.

Flat canvas

The canvas is made from fencing. It consists of loops fastened together with staples. Each subsequent turn is shifted relative to the previous one by a certain value. Such a barbed wire fabric has an acceptable aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is used in the city or in private households. It is slightly inferior to the spiral design in protective qualities, but at the same time, it is cheaper and more compact.

Spiked spiral fence

In addition to the flat canvas, three-dimensional structures are also made – fidget spirals. A fence made of such a structure is made in the form of turns of barbed wire, connected to each other by small brackets. The staples are staggered. The diameter of a fencing carriage is 450 mm – the most common option for fences. The volumetric form is an impenetrable barrier. The spirals are springy and not squeezed.


The fence is a weaving of barbed wire stretched over posts. It can be flat or voluminous, depending on the type of thorn used. With a good frame, the fence turns out to be quite strong, despite its apparent simplicity. In addition, it provides unobstructed sunlight penetration.


According to the manufacturing method, the “thorn” is subdivided into: Galvanized steel wire with spikes along the entire length. Its thickness is 2.8 mm. It is the simplest protective structure to protect your household on a farm or summer cottage; Reinforced (corrugated) tape. It looks like a thin steel strip with sharp edges like blades.