Having a good 24-hour plumber on your contact list is undoubtedly a smart decision, since this professional can become a key ally at certain times: From a clogged shower, problems with the radiators or, most commonly, the clogged pipes.

And since emergencies never warn but they appear and you have to give them immediate attention, nothing like having the number of your trusted plumber at hand, one that offers service 24 hours each day, each day of the year.

If you do not know where to start looking, take note

There are many professional plumbers in Newcastle who offer their services independently, but there are those who have also formed their own company, and offer a wide variety of services available to everyone.

Why trust plumbing companies?

In principle, the fact that it is an organized company with several years of experience in the market is already something that inspires confidence. You also have to look at what they offer the public, such as urgent plumbers or 24-hour plumbers, which are very attractive elements.

One point in favor that can make users opt for a particular plumbing is that they offer truly innovative solutions, which make use of advanced techniques and tools when it comes to meeting customer needs. For example, changing pipes without work saves the customer time, money and generates greater satisfaction.

What kinds of jobs can a plumber do?

A plumber is a professional with the ability to take care of installation, maintenance and repair work on everything related to water, gas and heating, both in a private home, as well as in a local and company.


The list of functions is very extensive:

  • Repairing leaks or leaks
  • Install heating, boiler, general plumbing or access to housing.
  • Unclog sink, pipes, showers, sinks, dishwasher or toilet
  • Fix cistern, thermos or cistern.
  • Change one electric water heater for another.
  • Adjust the pressure switch to change the water pressure.
  • Cleaning pipes with bad odors.
  • Provide plumbing services in general.

The importance of having an emergency plumber in your area

Having a plumbing company that is close to where you live allows the service to be performed in a better way, it will not take long to get to your home or business, important when it comes to emergencies.

Also, the less distance the plumber needs to travel, the less expense for the customer.

Another benefit of the plumber being local is that he has a better understanding of how the water, gas or heating pipe systems are structured and therefore his work will be much more efficient.

plumbers in Newcastle

Install the whole house heating system without improvisation

Only go to professionals and make the price of the installation of heating and radiators really worth it. The plumber is the one to carry out this type of work, always offering the necessary guarantees, since a quality installation will not give you problems for a long time.

This is something that you cannot afford to improvise, since the comfort of all the inhabitants of the house will depend on a good installation. In addition, this way you can know in advance the total price of the installation.

Other specialties of a plumber

A plumber, in addition to being prepared in the pipe unblocking service, is an expert in repairing leaks, a job that may seem very simple to you and even so it is recommended that an expert carry it out. Quickly correct the problem to avoid greater evils.

Newcastle Plumbers

Water leaks are also serious problems that occur frequently due to joint wear or breakage. To detect the exact point there are specialized equipment that requires a professional. Many people think that the plumber only deals with solving pipe blockage, however he is an expert in many other activities.

In addition to being able to carry out a plumbing installation, he knows how to change the mechanism of a cistern, regulate water pressure switch, clean copper pipes, extract air from the electric water heater, unblock the dishwasher, install boilers or bleed a radiator. When these or other services are needed it is better to go to your trusted plumber who attends 24 hours a day, who offers estimates according to the need of the moment, affordable prices and quality care. Contact Green Planet Plumbing today!

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