Professional drivers must meet certain requirements. They must have an employment relationship to carry out their activity and must fall into the category of road passenger transport or road freight transport.

Among the activities they may perform, we can cite some such as drivers of collective passenger transport vehicles, drivers of school transport vehicles, drivers of vehicles for transporting hazardous products, drivers of emergency vehicles, and drivers of indivisible cargo transportation vehicles.

Of course, to start acting, they must follow some rules and get some documents and certificates. See what every professional driver needs to have.

1. Driver’s license

By law, every driver must have a National Driver’s License, which must be specific to the type of vehicle to be driven. A category D license may be required to carry out school or collective passenger transport.

To drive emergency or indivisible cargo vehicles, a category C or E license may be required, bearing in mind that in all cases, the professional driver must be at least 21 years old.

It is also necessary that in this document it is specified that the professional performs a paid activity.

2. Specialized course

In addition to taking the CNH, the professional driver will need to undergo mandatory courses that are provided by law. It will be necessary to look for an entity accredited to Detran that offers this type of training. The driver will learn about specific topics according to the type of vehicle he intends to drive.

The total hourly load may vary. But, in general, it is around 50 hours/class. The person will need to pass the training to obtain the certificate. It is important to emphasize that some of these courses are valid, and it is necessary to redo them from time to time or carry out some updating courses.

3. Know about the best auto insurance insurers

Taking out auto insurance is almost essential for those who work driving, as the vehicle can be exposed at any time.

If the company provides the vehicle, this contracting can be done by it. However, there are cases in which the person works with their own vehicle, if so it will be necessary to know the best auto insurance insurers.

Only in this way will you be able to request quotes from reliable companies and choose the option that offers the best cost-benefit ratio.

It is extremely important that the vehicle is insured, as without it it will be impossible to continue carrying out the professional activity, not to mention that the damage can be great.

4. Apps that help in everyday life

Technology can be a great ally for professional drivers, as there are many applications that help with location, reduce costs, and others.

Applications like Waze or others that use GPS-based routes are essential for those who work with different routes every day, for example, making deliveries. With them, it is possible to know the best path and traffic conditions.

The ones that inform about the fuel values ​​of different stations are great for saving fuel. Insurance quotes help you find the best auto insurance companies at good prices. The maintenance ones help you remember the overhauls and when parts were replaced.

There are many options that can help, you just need a smartphone to install the features you’ll need.

5. Knowledge of traffic legislation

Those behind the wheel need to know the traffic laws, these are taught when taking the course to obtain a driver’s license, but many people end up forgetting.

Those who work driving need to know the rules very well so that they can respect them and thus avoid fines. As there are constant changes, you need to keep up to date and know how these changes can impact your profession.

6. Notions of mechanics

Spending all day behind the wheel makes the driver more likely to suffer from mechanical problems, even when the revisions are up to date.

Although it is not mandatory knowledge, it is of great value to help you get out of difficult situations. For example, if the truck stops working for a simple problem, it can solve it and leave the site for a workshop without having to wait for the tow truck.

Professional drivers must have mandatory knowledge and documents as required by law. However, if they want to be good professionals and not be in trouble, they need to go beyond the knowledge of the best auto insurance companies and other resources that help in everyday life.

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