Engagement rings

Engagement rings are the only “lasting” items on your wedding day . Okay, you will also have the photos, but you will see them less often. So we asked the brides on the blog how they themselves chose their wedding rings. What had provoked a crush (or not). And then they were asked where they bought their wedding jewelry and if the couple decided to go for matching models. Here are their responses.

How We Choose Our Engagement rings :

We chose engagement rings that didn’t match at all. We told ourselves that we had to really love them, as long as we had to wear them every day …First jewelry store, big crush! Our alliances are different but go very well together.

Pay Attention To The Karats And The Quality Of The Gold :

We bought different engagement rings, I don’t like yellow gold and loved him. I preferred white gold and took a mixture of yellow gold and white gold. But we were in agreement on the 18 carats.  I wanted a simple alliance too, without hollows, without diamonds because working in the butcher’s shop, I didn’t want to have residue left on at the end of the day.

Adapt Your Wedding Ring To Your Engagement ring :

We chose our engagement rings from the same simple range, with a small engraving in the middle. The only difference between hers and mine is that I have a few small diamonds. Rose gold to please the gentleman because it matched his engagement watch. My engagement rings being in yellow gold and white gold it looked good. We fell in love together. It seemed essential to me that we have the same 

We bought them from our usual little jeweler… Monsieur had spotted his for months already, long before talking about marriage I chose mine based on my engagement ring and that of my husband! We had come to pick them up for the first time but our jeweler told us to wait three weeks because there would be prices on the rings! Thanks to this gesture we saved more than 200 € on my wedding ring and the engravings were offered! Here they are in picture:

Do Not Hesitate To Go See A Jeweler :

Audrey: With my husband, we opted for different but unique alliances that suited us. We went to the jeweler where my husband had my engagement ring made. My husband chose a half-bangle engagement rings in yellow gold with an elven engraving all around a bit like in the lord of the rings except that the phrase is a phrase (in elvish) that is dear and secret to us, and I have asked the jeweler to make me a wedding ring to match my engagement rings, I wanted them to fit into each other and my engagement rings to sublime / emphasize my engagement ring. And contrary to what one might think, going to see a jeweler is not more expensive than a jeweler.for darling and I have the same alliences, simple rings, but yellow gold for the gentleman and pink gold for me.

Go To A Specialized Fair :

We fell in love with the wedding fair in our region. A very cute boutique which presented a good number of models and was very patient in helping us find THE perfect model for both of us which allies together and with my engagement ring too … the + is the salon discount which allows you to ” save a lot when we book a very good plan on siteWe bought our wedding jewelry at the Alliance Salon in Paris today. We fell in love with models that do not match but go very well together.

Engagement rings

Our alliances are not strictly speaking “matched”. They are both white gold and ultimately they go well with each other. We found them at a wedding fair, we took advantage of a promotional offer. My husband chose a wedding ring as he had imagined it. Me… I chose the opposite of what I wanted! I wanted a very simple ring with nothing, I ended up with a full circle of diamonds! When I tried it, I knew! I didn’t want to take it off anymore, it was her and nothing else! For the little anecdote, it’s been 3 years since I could no longer put it on because of my pregnancies and my weight gain. I just put it back on, after losing 18kg. I’m so happy.

Recycle Family Jewels :

Our alliances were designed and created by the Atelier d’Or best worker in France THANKS again! I wanted it thick and original, the bet succeeded! The diamonds come from my grandma’s 70th birthday ring so full of symbols and love for me. Black diamonds for my husband. We love them! 

Personalize Your Alliances :

We went to Antwerp in the diamond district to get a good price. Our wedding rings are totally different because the gentleman is very traditional and me the simple rings I will get bored too quickly. So we took what looked like us. We had them engraved with our initials and the date of the wedding.Different, my man had the tattoo I have on my wrist engraved outside: the first names of our 3 daughters with between 3 hearts. This is my handwriting on the tattoo and on the wedding ring.