The range of 2-wheeled vehicles covers the full range of frame and wheel sizes. You can buy a children’s bicycle for a baby of any age and height. Choosing the right size does not preclude the need for careful adjustment. For the maximum level of safety and comfort of riding, the perfect work of all elements of the bicycle, every centimeter of the height of the saddle, and the degree of angle of the steering wheel are important.

Tips on setting up from the bike shop

You will need a basic set of tools. First, you need to assemble a children’s bicycle. Then run a test drive. Carefully analyze the position of the baby’s body and determine whether it is comfortable for him to ride.

Setting up the saddle consists of several stages:

  • Invite your child to ride a children’s bicycle and pedal. If the feet are firmly on the pedals at the lowest point, then the saddle is located at the correct height.
  • Ask the child to put his feet on the ground and get up from the saddle. Measure the distance from the saddle to the pelvis. If it is 10-12 cm, the baby will be able to quickly and easily stop and jump off the bike.

If the child is forced to reach the front of the foot or toes in the lowermost position of the pedals, the saddle should be lowered. If your knees are too high while moving, raise them.

The steering wheel is adjusted according to the following scheme:

  • Invite your child to ride a bicycle.
  • If the baby has a straight back, hands hold the steering wheel confidently, and the knees move freely under him, there is no need for additional adjustment.
  • Have you noticed that a bicycle is uncomfortable for a child? Does the baby bend or bend his arms at the elbows, knees get to the wheel? Loosen the mounting bracket. Adjust the angle and height of the steering wheel until you find the most comfortable position.

Safe children’s bicycles must be equipped with reliable brakes. Checking their serviceability is simple. Raise the bike so that the wheel is in a hanging position and spin it. Press the brakes sharply. If the wheel stopped immediately, everything is fine, if it continues to move, you must contact a repair specialist.

You can buy a customized children’s bicycle

Bicycle store offers a comprehensive service. Visit the store. Here you can conduct a test drive of different models, buy a children’s bike, taking into account any requirements. The store staff will assemble and adjust the bike. You can go home immediately. 

How to teach a child to ride a two-wheeled bicycle?

It is important for parents to protect their children from falls and injuries. Therefore, many dads and moms are in no hurry to buy a 2-wheeled children’s bike and wait for the baby to strengthen and develop coordination. In Australia, it is customary to first buy 3-wheel models. But experts believe that children aged 3 or 4 can easily learn to ride a 2-wheeled bicycle. You only need to follow a few rules.

How to learn to ride at once?

Success directly depends on proper training. Experts recommend starting with cycling. This is a children’s two-wheeled bicycle without pedals. You can ride it from the age of 2 and earlier. Cycling is a very good option for mastering the first skills of cycling. Riding on it, the baby develops coordination of movements and physical shape.

Children’s bicycles are represented by a wide range of models. It is important to choose the most convenient option. The child’s safety, level of comfort, and speed of learning to skate depend on it. What to look for:

◉ The dimensions of the frame and wheels should match the child’s height . Proper fit, height of the saddle and steering wheel accelerate the learning process, affect the comfort and safety of riding;

◉ weight . Choose bicycles for children made of modern light alloys. Optimal weight – 7-8 kg and less;

 complete set. Manufacturers offer to buy a children’s bike with additional wheels, footrest. These elements increase weight. If your child has experience cycling, he does not need auxiliary elements. Parents only support the child behind their back for a few days and insure them. Experts advise not to use additional wheels.

How to teach driving? Consultants give some proven advice:

  • First, ask your child to ride a bike, pushing his feet off the ground.
  • Are you sure that the child is good at driving? Show how to put the pedals in a comfortable position to start moving.
  • Try to go. Protect your baby by holding his clothes on his back. You can quickly catch a child in case of a fall. Do not support the bicycle by the saddle or trunk. Keeping your balance is your baby’s job.

Proven in practice – if parents themselves regularly ride a bike, their children learn much faster. Your example is important.

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