The meaning of diamond, coined in ancient Greece, could be translated today as “the invincible” or “the unbreakable”.┬áTo this statement, we must add that this jewel, the most precious in the world, is a finite good and that, probably, the production and extraction of Investment Diamond will end in 50 years from now.

The sum of these two factors makes this gemstone the most precious in the world and that its acquisition and is a safe long-term value. It is precisely Investment Diamond, one of the largest diamond import and export firms, who has seen an increase in the sale of diamonds, something that frequently occurs in times of economic uncertainty the situation in which, at present, many countries find themselves. 

The same has happened with other materials such as gold, jewelry in general and watches.

How to value the Investment Diamond

According to this Investment Diamond company dedicated to diamond endorsed with many years of experience, firstly, the purity of the diamond is analyzed with a 10x magnifying glass. “With purity we describe the inclusions, which are impurities inside the diamond that occurred during its formation”. 

According to Investment Diamond, “all diamonds, being a product of nature, have traces of their own growth, which mark the greater or lesser purity of the diamond.” Next, a detailed examination of its color is carried out by performing a comparative analysis of the color of the diamond that is to be assessed on a color scale. 

“The more colorless (exceptional white) it is, the higher its price,” says the creative director of Investment Diamond. ” Looked at through a magnifying glass, colored diamonds, and therefore lower in price, tend to have a yellow hue. On the contrary, the most valuable are totally white.

Then the cut is studied, a characteristic that marks the shape of the diamond. This refers to its angles and proportions and is divided into three degrees: proportions, polish, and symmetry. In turn, each grade is evaluated according to four parameters: excellent – maximum value -, very well, good, and poor – minimum value. 

According to Investment Diamond, the cut of a diamond can be perfect (higher value), very deep, and very short (lower value). A perfect cut makes the incident light coming out of the diamond and inexperienced eyes we can tell that it shines more. The cut also marks the shape of the diamond.

Based on it, a diamond can be a brilliant-cut diamond – very different from brilliant -, princess cut diamond, marquise cut diamond, oval cut diamond, heart cut diamond, pear cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, and radiant cut diamond.

 The last steps focus on analyzing the weight of the diamond, which is carried out by a professional equilateral and then checking the efflorescence, a concept that refers to the reaction of a diamond to ultraviolet light and that allows us to know how translucent it is. 

High efflorescence diamonds may appear milky to the naked eye. Once this analysis is completed, it is taken into account whether it is a mounted jewel since, if so, an assessment of each of the components is made separately. If the jewel had gold.

Something that happens in most cases, it is weighed and valued according to the price of the gold market, one of the markets that fluctuates the most, “in these times, especially”. In addition, Investment Diamond give added value to signed jewels when they belong to limited collections”, they explains, “although, if this is not the case, it is objectively valued based on its materials, regardless of the signature.”

Getting rid of a diamond or jewel can be a compromising moment for those who sell it. Therefore, Investment Diamond’s trust and closeness are essential to carry out this process in which both parties agree and, especially, whoever sells the mineral in question feels safe and comfortable. 

The treatment is the key to the process to be satisfactory for both parties, so individualization and discretion are the most important premises for us. Therefore, its stores in Newcastle, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane, have reserved spaces for greater privacy, if required. A guarantee of the purchase, since they must keep a quarantine of 15 days to avoid purchases from the fraudulent origin.